New Practitioner Courses

SALAD’s new Practitioner course is now released. With a combination of weekday modular, weekend modular and an Intensive variant in September 2014, we are excited to share the wonders of NLP with those keen to learn. And with a new affordable pricing structure, NOW is a good time to learn NLP …

 NEW : Discovery Course

Our new Discovery course features a chance to find out how to get more of what you want, and less of what you don’t.

Oct 22nd - 09:30 to 16:30 at SALAD’s training centre in Alresford, near Winchester, Hants

Learn more at Discovery : From Fear To Gratitude

 New Welcome Video

People (what people?) have been asking for an introduction to SALAD and to Tim.

So we made one for you, talking about our direction and our values.

Take a peek …

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SALAD's products are among the best available

for learning and deepening NLP & hypnosis skills using in-person events and self-study with CDs, DVDs, MP3s and the famous SALAD card decks.

Some of our most popular products

Ericksonian Hypnosis Cards
6 Card Deck Bundle
Hypnotic Language Masterclass

Our business philosophy is key to our lives and our products

  • Each person is capable of far more than they think.
  • Change is possible.
  • We live in an abundant world - there is enough of everything to go round.
  • Powerful tools exist to help individuals move from fear+scarcity thinking to love+abundance thinking.
  • Each person must take responsibility for their own neurology, & the thoughts & beliefs which operate in it.
  • The patterns of fear, limitation & scarcity thinking operate in & on each person’s body-mind, via their neurology.
  • Human neurology also has the ability to run patterns of love, peace & creativity without limits.
  • Do so !

Read more about us in About and Purpose

Change, one step at a time
Change, one step at a time

By learning NLP you can :

  • Learn to control your own state of mind
  • Develop powerfully persuasive communication skills
  • Overcome obstacles in business & in your personal life
  • Help others to get the results they want
  • Have more of the experiences you want
  • Learn the tools of freedom

The whole collection of Salad's NLP tips

How would you use the full collection of Salad’s NLP Tips?

We are compiling all of Salad’s famous NLP Tips into one easy to use publication.

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