Facilitating change and development for >10 years

SALAD has been serving clients from all over the world since 2003. In 2012 the business transferred to the ownership and direction of Tim Considine. With 30+ years immersion in the business world, Tim brings a passion and a vision for how implementing NLP creates change, wellbeing and wealth.

Many of SALAD's products were ground-breakers when they were introduced, and SALAD continues to seek to change and facilitate how NLP and hypnosis can be learnt and practiced.

Change Your World, Change The World

Central to SALAD’s offerings is the recognition that we have enormous capacity for achievement, which just needs awakening and liberating.

  • Whether this is for personal purposes and overcoming practical & emotional challenges,
  • Whether this is because you are in business and looking to improve personal, team and corporate performance,
  • Whether this is because you are a “change worker”, working with clients to acheive their outcomes,
  • In all these cases we each need a bit of help from time to time.

SALAD’s offerings are designed to make that path smoother, to help you on your path, and through that, we can together create huge change. And wow, don’t we need it in this world of ours?

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Tim Considine Salad CEO, Business Director, Trainer

Tim is a committed NLP'er who has been leading teams and developing people for over 25 years, within the challenge of running diverse businesses.

Tim brings a multi-industry background to SALAD, which adds a great dimension to understanding and implementing change and personal development in many mixed situations, typically amidst challenging client environments of personal crisis, business crisis and adverse financial circumstances.

Starting in commercial banking and moving into the City & wholesale banking markets, Tim later changed course into corporate consultancy. Helping clients overcome financial and strategic challenges was typically the headline task. Yet many times embedded in it - with the successful outcome depending critically on the "inner project" - it was a question of people development and change creation.

Tim brings the hard-nose reality of leading change in multiple industries at SME level and with multi-national clients, coupled with the practical experience of seeing and implementing deep personal change for all members of the team.

Tim is a NLP Trainer and hypnotherapist, and is a passionate advocate of using these skills in practical contexts.

"While the core business of Salad will continue unchanged, we have many exciting developments, new courses, new products and new markets. Join with me in this, and help create the change that we all need, at the personal, corporate and even the national & multi-national level."