We hold these truths to be self-evident …

( a respectful nod to our cousins, in the hope their society will one day live up fully to their noble dreams, and maybe the rest of the world can also lead the way)

  • The world is currently governed primarily by fear and deep personal misunderstandings. The consequences range from dissatisfaction, unhappiness & stress through to poverty, crime & war. Even in the “safe” and so-called developed world, we have people living miserable lives, in fear and poverty, and dying through stress and unhappiness. Conventional medicine and mainstream support networks demonstrate daily their inability to resolve this with anything much beyond a sticking plaster of drugs. And all the while half the population wallow in self-pity, lack of empowerment and lack of personal responsibility, the world is denied the joy of their contribution and creativity. Not that I want to depress you, of course ;-)
  • The patterns of fear, limitation & scarcity thinking operate in & on each person’s body-mind, via their neurology. Human neurology also has the ability to run patterns of love, peace & creativity without limits. If only individuals would be open to learning this and putting it into practice.
  • The only route from fear to abundance & peace is through visionary leadership & individual action. And we are all leaders in our worlds (we cannot not communicate, we cannot not influence, we cannot not lead).
  • Each person must take responsibility for their own neurology & the thoughts & beliefs which operate in it. The development and even probably the survival of the human race depends on us freeing ourselves from limiting beliefs, scarcity mindsets & punitive thought systems. It is time to awake the tremendous potential in us all.
  • Each person’s body-mind is an extraordinary evolutionary achievement, capable of creating the full range of human experiences, including excellence in any & every field of endeavour.
  • Powerful tools exist to help individuals move from fear+scarcity thinking to love+abundance thinking. One of the most powerful of these tools is neuro-linguistic programming (NLP).
  • The love+abundance shifts which a person makes are memetic in their effect, spreading horizontally across cultures & vertically through our children. We can free our children & generations to come from the legacy of misery & fear, & create a happy, abundant inheritance for them.

  • The presuppositions that underpin this work include the following:
    • We live in an abundant world - there is enough of everything to go round.
    • Each person is capable of far more than they think.
    • Change is possible.
    • The goal: to create a world based on love & abundance – a world where each person discovers
      • they’re capable of far more than they currently realise,
      • they can have an amazing, happy & fulfilling life, &
      • they can develop the necessary attitudes, beliefs & skills to live that life fully and realise their true potential.

Be The Change

Famous words. Sadly seldom adopted in practice.

Putting them on a bumper sticker or a cute Facebook picture may make people feel good. And inspire a few micro-seconds of inner thought.

But it’s the action that counts. And it’s the failure to take deep consistent action where so many of us betray the spirit of these words to live by.

So I’m curious, what change do you want to see?

  • in your personal life
  • in your work life
  • in your community (however you define it)
  • in the wider world

And what action are you taking?

  • learning ?
  • doing ?
  • leading ?

We are here to support you.

Many of us take years to “wake up” to how we have been leading our lives. And to how we can change what’s not been working into a life lived with purpose, vision, compassion and joy. Oh, and let’s not forget the joy bit. Contrary to popular opinion, it’s what actually makes the world go round (not the filthy lucre).

If even a sliver of this resonates with you, please get in touch.

I want you in the SALAD community.

Maybe our products and trainings can help you.

Maybe you can help me and the SALAD community.

Maybe together we can help each other and many others to BE THE CHANGE

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